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Canadian Artisans Craft Supplies for the hobbyist or professional craftsman alike. Specializing in hard to acquire products for leather working Canadian Artisans. 

We are a home based business operating out of Rivers Manitoba centrally located between Winnipeg and Regina Saskatchewan.

Currently the Canadian distributor for TurnTex Woodworks, Phoenix Abrasives, Maker's Leather Supply. We will add more suppliers as needed such as wallet liners, tool steel and assorted craft items for all types of leather working.

Along with the supplies required for leather working we are slowly building up our Bespoke items list for those who would like to have a one off item personalized for the individual customer.

Below is a list of craftsmen in various fields showcasing the products they make with the type of supplies we carry.


 Knife Makers

  • Neil Fehr
  • Nick Parker
  • John Noon
  • Jordan Mahara

Leather Workers

  • Neil Fehr

Wood Turners

Maple Barn Wood Turnerings


  • Jeuls Art