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Repair & Sharpening Service

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Please ship your knife to my address with insurance too cover loss.

Blade edge has to be protected so postal workers don't get injured. 

Padded envelope will work if edge has a protector taped on or a sheath.


Refurbish of handle option covers:

Cleaning, Sanding of Wood and Bolsters to remove scratches then finished to a 2000 grit finish before buffing.

refinished with drying oil or varnish.

Replacement of Handle:

Metal Bolsters are refurbished or replaced depending on level of damage.

New wood handle installed using stabilized material which has a longer life span.

There may be one of several color options available at any given time for stabilized wood I have on hand. If you are looking for a particular color please include a note or email


 Re-profiling Blade:

Removing damaged edge back to sound metal while retaining blade profile.

Grind new bevel and sharpen knife.

 Shipping Cost covers the return of your knife with insurance