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Renia Colle de Cologne - All Purpose Cement 32 oz

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C$40.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

BASIS Grafted Polychloroprene cement for bonding all materials around shoes, including PVC.

Free of toluene and MEK.

MATERIALS: All materials used for repairing and producing shoes and boots like leather, rubber, EVA, TR, felt, cork, etc. can be bonded, even on plasticized PVC (Vinyl). To stick PVC to PVC or bond natural rubber mix the cement with 5-10 % Hardener.

INSTRUCTIONS: Sand all materials and coat them with Colle de Cologne until you can see a layer of cement. PE, PP: Touch with an open gas flame. TR (Thermoplastic Rubber): Apply RENIA-Rehagol and coat with Colle de Cologne after 5-15 minutes. PUR (Polyurethane): After sanding, press the material together with paper to remove the water. Then coat it with RENIA-Primer for PUR to reinforce very soft polyurethane. Apply the adhesive without delay.

OPEN ASSEMBLY TIME: It depends on the material: 5 - 30 minutes (TR 3-15 minutes, PVC 10 - 45 minutes). Colle de Cologne can be dried with an infra-red lamp (3 minutes at 175 °F), or with a shock-activator (3 seconds).

PRESSURE: 15 - 60 psi depending on the material, 15 psi: minimum time 60 seconds, 45 psi: minimum time 15 seconds. The softer the material is, the less pressure should be applied.

Caution: Do not deform materials during pressing, otherwise the adhesive film will be destroyed.

HIGHLIGHTS: The fast crystallization and high initial bonding strength allow to continue working with the bonded material after a few minutes. The heat resistance is high enough to trim or buffer the sole or heel. The bonding strength increases continuously during the first two days. When adding 5-10 % hardener, you will get improved resistance against heat, oil, and other chemical influences.

SHELF-LIFE: Minimum 12 months at 68 °F

THINNER: RENIA - Schnellkeber-Verdünner (thinner), do not use acetone! CLEANING Clean equipment (glue-container, brush, etc.) with RENIA-Schnellkleber-Verdünner (thinner) or acetone


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