Police Training Gear

Equipment Rentals

I am offering training gear rentals to all Canadian Police departments and for the price of a couple Blue Gun Handguns you will receive a trailer of training aids for both the good guy and bad guy parts.


Police Rifles

1 Remington Model 870 with 14" Barrel and pistol grip

1 Remington Model 700 no scope

4 AR15 A2 with Fwd Rail, full fixed stock


Hand Guns

1 Glock per officer same model as department issue


Weapons drills for Handgun

Functional Blue Gun Magazines fit and function like regular magazines


Assorted Equipment


Pepper Spray


 M84 Stun Grenade

Training Baton



Bad Guy Kit 


RUGER SP101 3"

Training Knife Dagger

Training knife box cutter

 Rubber Props

24" Crow Bar

Claw Hammer

Ball Grenade

18" pipe Wrench


This program is literally in the day 1 stage and departmental equipment manager input would be greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Noon

 Please fill out department or station and phone number for either the Captain or Equipment supply officer when registering. This will provide an immediate discount for all personal purchases.