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Neil Fehr

Neil Fehr Biography


Neil Fehr was raised on a farm in Southern Manitoba, near the edge of the Pembina Hills. It as here that Neil developed a deep love for nature.

At age 12, he won his first award by entering an RCMP poster contest. He furthered his art education by studying for two years in completing a Master of Art Course. In 1986 he traveled to Ohio to work with Master Artist Lea Myles, and Later in 1988 with Lea Myles and Robert Warren in Salem Oregon, to further his studies.

In the following years Neil was successful in showing and selling his paintings across Canada. Recently Neil was commissioned by an MP in Ottawa to do a painting which is now displayed in Parliament. He also had another major piece go to Finland. There has been a great deal of interest locally in Neil's paintings, and this is where most of his work has been sold.
Neil donated a major piece to the Children's Wish Foundation and also donates his time in the form of carving for the Children's Burn Fund.
More recently Neil has been involved with Ducks Unlimited, painting pieces for auction.

Neil is a certified art instructor , and is teaching his techniques in Canada as well as some areas of the United States. He presently owns and operates Loon Magic Galleries in Plum Coulee Manitoba from where he bases most of his art endeavors.

When Neil is not painting or carving, he enjoys taking his family hiking, practices his photography and gathers materials and ideas for future painting and carving.