LTK-27 cryogenic quenching machine

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The LTK-27 comes standard with the following features:

1. Full programmable ramp rate, soak temperature, and soak time (up to 50hrs).

2. Top cryogenic insulation available today - guaranteed not to break down or settle.

3. Durable 16 gauge exterior with powder-coat finish.

4. Maglock that locks machine while in use.

5. Fully automated ramp soak capabilities.

6. Internally mounted hardware, providing clean, uncluttered appearance.

7. 1/8" thick aluminum inner-chamber.

8. Platinum resistance RTD for high accuracy and longevity.

9. 3.5" touch screen controller PLC.

10. Liquid nitrogen transfer hose.

11. Triple gasket system to prevent cold loss.

12. Top loading chest style lid.

13. Chamber dimensions 20" long x 12" wide x 7" high

14. Power requirements, 115V 60Hz, 220 volts 50 Hz

15. 2 Amp power consumption

Liquid Nitrogen tank is required for this unit, can be sourced locally from a welding gas supplier.


Optional Features priced in US Dollars. Effective Jan 2020 only, options prices will be updated upon request.

Emergency Stop – Note that there is an E-stop on the HMI already. This is for a physical Emergency Stop $75
Stainless Steel inner-chamber $170
4' LN2 transfer hose Incl.
Insulated 4' LN2 transfer hose $105
6’ LN2 transfer hose $105
Insulated 6' LN2 transfer hose $255
Custom length transfer hose/s TBD
Remote viewing/operating capable $575
Data Logging $675