Equestrian Ribbon Theme

Equestrian Ribbon themed belts and accessories for the adventurous horse woman. A new product line that is currently in development


 is known as the color of temper, agitation, anger, and danger. Adding a literal “red flag” to your horse’s tail is a useful method to warn others that your horse is known to kick.

Red is very visible and quick to get attention. Think of a red ribbon as the equine equivalent of a fire truck’s flashing red lights. Don’t get too near the working end of a beast wearing red.


Green, the color of new growth and renewal is used to signify a lack of experience. Green ribbons are appropriate for not only young horses, but also those that have too few trail miles under their hooves.

Give green some room to breathe lest the kiddo freaks out over an invisible scary horse-eating monster. Think of green as the equine version of a “student driver” sign.



Yellow, more than just the color of hope mirrored in the golden ribbons that welcome home loved ones. Yellow is also the cautionary color of the roadways.

Stallions are often asked to wear ribbons of yellow although the stallions I have known have been neither of the mellow strain nor of the bellied variety.



Blue is strong and steadfast. The color of freedom and open spaces is also sometimes used to let others know that you’re riding a stallion.

Just as with yellow, give blue some space and don’t crowd, especially if you’re riding a mare.



White is pure and clean. Ribbons of white mean that the horse is for sale. Let’s just hope that the seller hasn’t “whitewashed” any potential issues.



Pink is the delicate color of femininity, cotton candy, and mares in heat. Horses wearing pink may be cranky, easily distracted and a distraction to stallions in the area.


As we’ve seen, the horse tail ribbon color code can pass on a wealth of information.

But riders need to understand the significance of the various colors in order for the system to work. Using and teaching the code of the tail ribbon may just help you avoid a trail accident.


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