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Integral Bolster File Guide

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Expected release date is 2021 Apr 30th

4142 HT Alloy Steel machined for perfect accuracy and repeatability.
This vee block design works quite well squaring the bolster face of integral bolster knives for a perfect fit up with the handle.

As with all of the guides, the C2 Carbide Blanks are Surface Ground ! With this being ground, it assures that the surfaces of the bolster are in the same plane to mate up with the handle.

It’s a tremendous time saver when making bolstered knives.

  • These file guides are made from 4142 HT Alloy Steel, both with 3 pieces of C2 Carbide.
  • The pins are 1/4-20 socket cap screws are 1 3/4” in length
  • Supplied along with an Allen wrench.
  • The carbide is not affected by abrasives other than the diamond.