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Hirschkleber leather glue made in Germany
  • Will not bleed through
  • Has excellent adhesion
  • Suitable for bonding leather, felt, cardboard, paper, textiles, etc.
  • Perfect for fixing the inner leather lining to the shoes upper
  • Does not seal pores in leather so it always remains breathable
  • Glue line is far less pronounced than other glues or contact adhesives
A non-solvent based odor and will not expire or harden as solvent cements so commonly do.
Hirschkleber is used to glue vamps to toe boxes as it reinforces and hardens the toe box. It's advisable not to use on wet leather as it might cause it to darken.
To use Hirschkleber for toe area, last the toe completely and allow it to dry, then pull the toe leather back, put in the toe box, and finish the toe without wetting the leather again.
Hirschkleber may be used for joining all types of leather project as well as on the back side of leather.
When you desire a smoother back on the leather apply Hirschkleber then burnish with a glass burnisher