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Hirschkleber - 600 gram

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Hirschkleber Shoemakers & Cobblers Craft Paste, leather glue made in Germany

Listed here is a 600 g of shoemakers and cobblers leather working craft paste or glue.

German made and traditionally used by all the shoemakers and cobblers.

Highly reliable and suitable for bonding leather to leather, leather, leather to cardboard, felt, paper, textiles, etc.

  • Will not bleed through
  • No smell, no artificial chemicals or preservatives
  • Does not spoil
  • Easy to apply, highly durable and versatile product
  • Keeps for a long duration once used
  • Application on fabrics
  • Has excellent adhesion
  • Suitable for bonding leather, felt, cardboard, paper, textiles, etc.
  • Perfect for fixing the inner leather lining to the shoes upper
  • Does not seal pores in leather so it always remains breathable
  • Glue line is far less pronounced than other glues or contact adhesives
  • Hirschkleber craft paste is very easy spread. The paste glue is thick in consistency.
A non-solvent based odor and will not expire or harden as solvent cements so commonly do.
When you desire a smoother back on the leather apply Hirschkleber then burnish with a glass burnisher
Hirschkleber glue or paste is used by most shoemakers to glue leather toe puffs to create toe box and stiffen back counters of shoes.
Once dried the toe box and back counters become stiff and hard. Hence creates protection for the footwear.

How to use the Hirschkleber Glue

Back Counters:

Apply Hirschkleber paste on the both of back counters
Apply Hirschkleber paste on the inner upper side and on the inner lining
Insert the back counter between upper and lining
Ensure it fits well and remove any creases on the inner lining
Powder all of the inner upper
Begin to last the upper
Temporary last the back counters

Toe Box:

Begin to toe last with the inserted toe puff
Let the toe puff dry out out
Once dry apply Hirschkleber paste on both sides of the toe puff
Apply Hirschkleber glue on upper and lining
Finish lasting the toe area completely
Pull the toe upper leather back and finish the toe box

It is advisable NOT to use on wet leather as it might stain or cause the lining to get darken. Hirschkleber gives better result unlike ordinary glue. Big advantage is that it provides ventilation inside shoes without sealing air vents. Thus air circulates through the shoes.

To apply craft paste follow these instructions:

Fabric or heavy duty fabrics such as canvas

With bristle brush apply craft paste evenly and smoothly without any lumps
Apply craft paste on both the surfaces of material to be glued
Allow paste to dry for few minutes before cementing together
For even and smooth finish on the material glued then place the material underneath cardboard followed by heavy weight

Application on wood or similar material to be bonded

Follow instructions as fabric.

Application on leather to leather

To apply craft pastes on to leather then follow these instructions:

First ensure that the leather pieces to be bonded are moist and NOT dry
Apply craft paste on both surfaces of leather to be bonded
Ensure even and smooth pasting. No lumps
Bond both pieces of leather
For even and smooth finish on the leather pieces glued then place the leather pieces underneath cardboard followed by heavy weight
Allow pieces to dry naturally. This process may take time depending on the temperature of the room.

Application for shoemaking

Follow above instructions as applying on leather to leather. Glue toe puffs and back counter stiffeners. Paste liberally. Glue other leather inserts if required.

Once the upper has been glued and necessary inserts made then proceed to last the shoe.

For even finish on the shoe uppers lasted with glued inserts then gently tap using folding hammer to ensure complete bonding.