Grooved Edger

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Barry King Grooved Edger Sizes Available 00-5 Feature the longest life for a cutting edge.

Smaller sizes perform especially well when used on thin leather. 
We offer a full selection of hand tools in several styles and sizes.

Each skillfully created cocobolo wood handle is hand-turned and artfully polished.

It is then paired with a quality hand-crafted cutter to produce a tool that is easy to use and will serve your leather working needs for years to come.

All edgers are crafted using heat treated tool steel for optimum performance and longevity.


Sizes are as follows:

00 - 1/16"

0 – 5/64"

1 – 3/32"

2 – 7/64"

3 – 9/64"

4 – 11/64"

5 – 13/64