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Clicker Plates with Cutting Pad

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Clicker Plates with Cutting


  • The 1/2" cutting pad is great when clicking out parts
  • Steel plates are 8" x 14"
  • Also great for use when embossing and for use with blind mold sets
  • Set of two plates with one cutting pad
Perfect for using up scrap leather for:
Key Fobs
Spur Straps
Small Leather Goods 

Hydraulic press shown is for reference only, They are available from several sources locally in most cases.

The Hydraulic Press for in shop use:

  • Clicking
  • Embossing
  • Blind and back pad mold pressing
  • Blind cheek and up-tug molding
  • Rope clamp assembly press
  • A great machine for harness makers and saddle makers
  • Hand-operated design is great for light duty clicking
  • Compact design takes up minimal space on your workbench
  • Dies interchange with bolts on top and bottom
  • Add foam and you have a Kydex press.
  • Setting rivets
  • Pressing 3D stamps
  • and many others I imagine


The Universal press shown:

  • Has a compact 6" x 22" footprint
  • Maximum Open Height: 9-1/2"
  • Width Between Posts: 14"
  • Hydraulic jack has a 12 ton capacity

20 to 40 ton versions will also work and in some shops actually would be desirable for things like:

  • Setting pins in knife scales
  • Clicking larger items on heavy leather