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Celastic Sheet 2mm - 12"x12"

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Each sheet is 39 1/2" x 34 1/2"


Celastic (generic name) is a plastic impregnated fabric which becomes moldable and adhesive when activated by immersion in solvent or with heat.

When dry or cool, it is transformed into a light-weight, high impact, weatherproof "shell", having excellent shape memory and bonding power.

Celastic can be drilled and sanded and will accept many finishing techniques.


Taxidermists use Celastic LT to fabricating ear liners, noses, etc. for nearly all small or large animals.

Shoemakers use Celastic for counters and toe puffs (reinforcement).

Leather workers can use it for stiffening pouches and handbags for example.

Prop or mold makers can use Celastic for outer shell on molds.


Celastic is activated with the use of either Acetone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone or a combination of both. Acetone has a shorter curing time, but has less tack during it's usable period.

MEK has a longer curing time and more tack during the working period. To take advantage of the properties of both activators, we use a mixture of 3 Parts Acetone to 1 Part MEK.

As with many chemicals, both Acetone and MEK need to be handled with care and the use common sense.

  1. Above all, read and follow all of the safety precautions on the product label.
  2. If you need more information, it can usually be obtained from the manufacturer or distributor of the product.