Tool Wrap FAQ

2019 May 11th

Tool Wrap is a Stainless Steel .002 thick foil. It is used for the surface protection of tools, dies and other parts during the hardening process by preventing decarburization (scaling).Is Tool Wrap a … read more


Posted by John Noon on 2019 May 9th

We are a Canadian Distributor for the ATP line of productsATP-641

2x72 Belt Grinder Upgrades

Posted by John Noon on 2019 Mar 14th

Fancy way of saying lets make changes and use up spare bits kicking around.The contact wheel mount was the first and easiest change from the flat platen only next was the small wheel attachment that I … read more

Needle & Thread Chart

Posted by John Noon on 2019 Mar 8th

Handy little graphic for selecting needle size for thread and vice versa